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losers_of_lj's Journal

People who love LJ that much...
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This is a community for people to write in when they're bored. This is perfect for people who write in LJ many times a day. This community is for all of you Livejournal junkies out there. We're all just basically obsessed with posting and have nothing better to do. So come and join and post about anything that tickles your fancy. Talk about Livejournal, post cool pictures, share a joke, or vent about how your ex-gay lover is now going out with your mom. Be respectful, and join now, damn you! We are the losers of Livejournal.

Be proud. join my mother fucking community!!!!

well, you don't have to if you don't want... it's not like we'll send some guy to kill you or egg your house.. I just thought that we should invite you to come post in our community if you want... Come on.. you know you want to!